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Nominated for a Golden Sheaf Award Best Multicultural Film
Our vision is to produce engaging, authentic films that reflect diverse realities. EndFragment
North Point Productions launches four instructional videos in 14 languagesEndFragment 
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The "Arrival" Series EndFragment
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This series of films, funded by  MTS TV, chronicles the Canadian immigration settlement process as experienced by a family of Bhutanese refugees. The first film is an observational portrait of one family’s first week in Canada, beginning the moment they land at the airport. The subsequent films in the series (Arrival 2 will be released shortly), will show how each family member is evolving in their adopted land. Generational differences throughout the integration process, employment challenges and culture shock are some of the themes explored.  [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]EndFragment
The series  is being used by various settlement agencies, sent to refugee camps abroad, and used by universities. It serves as a tool to help other refugees understand what they will go through before they arrive in Canada and to help other Canadians gain a deeper understanding of the immigration and refugee process. This series is available as a free download from this website. EndFragment
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North Point Productions recently produced four instructional videos aimed at helping newcomers to adapt to Canadian society. The project was supported by Altered Minds/Entry Program with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as Manitoba Immigration and Multiculturalism. Produced in English, simplified English and 12 other languages, they are being used in EAL classes, settlement agencies, will be available online and are available as a free download from this website. EndFragment
We are continuing to create a body of work to assist new arrivals and the people who work with them. We are building partnerships within the public and private sectors to fund these projects. Our philosophy is to find creative avenues of multiplatform distribution, offering the videos for free to reach the widest possible audience. EndFragment
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Our team is aware of issues affecting newcomers from all corners of the globe. We take into account regional dialects, specialized terminology and cultural sensitivity. We are also offering versions in Simplified English for use in English as an Additional Language classrooms. This service is overseen by certified and experienced EAL instructors. EndFragment
North Point Productions has the expertise to recruit experienced translators who provide subtitling and dubbing services for audiovisual projects.EndFragment         [if gte mso 9]> 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false
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